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We understand that WATER is a natural resource we cannot do without. At ARL Solutions we are dedicated to provide our clients with the best and most cost effective water transfer equipment and installations.

ARL Solutions offer a complete range of advanced wastewater and water solutions across a number of industries such as Agricultural, Industrial, Mining and Domestic. Whatever the industry, ARL Solutions(Pty)Ltd. works in true partnership with it’s customers to find the best solution.

With years of experience in our field we can guarantee our clients high quality products and excellent service.

ARL Solutions(Pty)Ltd. is a leading supplier of pumps and equipment, part with that ARL Solutions also offer installations and services, whether it’s a simple project or complex process.

We specialize in Water Pumps, Pipe Supply, Water Tanks, Fire Equipment, CNC Machining, Tool & Die Manufacturing as well as all installations.

That’s why ARL Solutions has been the perfect partner to water systems, we set the standard in terms of innovation, reliability, sustainability and efficiency.

Our solutions help our customers move water where it is supposed to go.



What do clients want for their businesses? They want Growth! We target growth margins to maximize your company’s profitability metrics.


Over the years we have gained vast amounts of knowledge about our industry and we need to ensure success.With the best minds in the industry, we guarantee you’ll get superb results.


We believe that experience is key. We have years of experience in various different fields and we use this to get the best results for our clients.


For each job sent our way we put together goals and targets, we ensure that we reach these goals and targets and sometimes we surpass them. With our expert staff we have no trouble in reaching these goals and targets.


We are capable of Turnkey Solutions.

We are committed to safety regardless of our job descriptions or levels of responsibility. 

ARL Solutions is attentive to our customers needs, continuously monitoring, assessing and improving our products, services, technology and procedures to deliver quality, safety and innovation at every stage of development and production.


Over the years we have developed skills that are second to none. We work day in and day out on improving our skill base and ensuring that the skills we have developed impact our customers in a positive manner. As a company we are not afraid of change, we are innovators and are ready to tackle any challenges thrown our way. We encourage feedback from our clients in-order to further improve our skills and better run our already well established comapny. 

Safety 100%
Consulting 94%
Sales 91%
Installations 98%
Customer Service 100%